UnitedWorks is a high-performance manufacturing organisation in the carpet industry. Our activities cover the whole spectrum of yarn manufacture from production and processing through to tufting and backing services for carpets and artificial grass. This new collective is based on many years of experience in the sector. We're an independent organisation: we act as a professional extension of our customers and we only manufacture products for third parties. Our specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art machinery form a solid basis for top-quality products which are created in close cooperation with our customers. We're proof that quality in partnership works.

Key qualities

Peace of mind:

We're always here for our customers. Your production requirements are in safe hands with us from the very first moment of contact. We make clear agreements so that you always know where you stand. Is your organisation developing a new product? Then we're happy to make a sample; this is how we will achieve the best result together.


We set the quality bar high. Our skilled team is very quality-conscious and is supported in this by high-level control mechanisms on our machines. These extra 'eyes' help us to meet the high quality requirements set by our customers.


Whether you are contending with undercapacity or a production level which is not suited to your needs, we can provide the solution. United Works can respond to your request quickly and flexibly.


UnitedWorks has a lot of technical expertise at its disposal by pooling its resources. We have specialists for every phase of the production process. We're happy to use this knowledge to serve our customers.

Innovative strength:

Ceneva, the world's first carpet backing containing no styrene-butadiene is a prime example of our innovative strength. Interaction with our customers and within our organisation provides the basis for new creations. An inexhaustible source of inspiration.